First Hours 

Wait to shower 8-12 hours to allow your tan to fully develop. Refrain from exercise, sweating, lotions and oils as this causes streaking and splotting.

For the first shower, we recommend a lukewarm water rinse only. Avoid shaving, soaps and sponges. Pat dry with a towel and don’t rub. If you see color washing off in the shower, don’t worry. It’s only the bronzers in the solution—not your tan!


From the second shower on, you can shave and wash with soaps. Use a water-based moisturizer daily. Avoid moisturizers with mineral oil. Say no to parabens!

Tips & Tricks

Exfoliate & shave prior to appointment for best results. Wear loose dark clothing to avoid marks on spray tan.

Drink plenty of water before and after getting your airbrush tan!

Use a high-quality moisturizer and soaps designed to prolong your tan.

The life of your tan will be shortened by: body scrubs, loofahs, mits, bar soaps, BHA/AHA products, face toners, products with alcohol and mineral oil, hot tubs, swimming pools and long baths.

An airbrush tan will not provide protection from the sun. It is important to apply sunscreen over your airbrush tan to protect your skin.